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`24' ends season on high note, with Jack Bauer low

`24' ends season on high note, with Jack Bauer low

Eh. I love 24 and all but I had a few issues with this season. First of all, the President sucks. Seriously, I miss President Palmer. Then, I don't know, Jack is kind of a hypocrite. The whole speech about saving the people on the bus. Yeah, you'll break the rules and save the 15 people unless your daughter (1 person) is in trouble. Then you have no problem killing the 15 people. Which, personally, is probably what I would do. But, if you're willing to do that, then you can't go around killing or letting people die for the greater good. Trading your daughter's life (1) for Almeida (who killed tons and will kill tons more) is not an option. I don't know. The other issue I had is that not only did I sympathize with Almeida, I also actually think he had a pretty good plan. How else was he supposed to flush out the number one guy. He's cold blooded, sure, but so is Jack. Now they've got Walker being as hardcore as they are. At least Kim wasn't a total tool this season. (mountain lions anyone?)

So we're left with a couple of cliffhangers. Will Jack die? (doubt it) How is Walker going to break Wilson? What will happen to Almeida? How about the President. BTW, her daughter is such a bitch. Aaron was awesome, I think Aaron and Bill were the only characters I liked this season, heh. Captain America was annoying (Walker's boyfriend and boss at the FBI, boy scout character) and all of the bad guys were pretty predictable. Except Almeida, actually he was good too, why'd he have to turn on Jack though?!

Eh, that's enough of that. The Simpsons season finale was kind of lame too, it had one of those "umm...the show's over" kind of endings where you're left scratching your head thinking wtf?
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