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Green Day lashes out at Wal-Mart policy

Green Day lashes out at Wal-Mart policy

The first I ever heard about Wal-Mart and their BS practices was at a Rage Against the Machine concert. I don't remember if it was Tom's mom or them, but someone went off about Wal-Mart. They never had any Wal-Marts around me, still don't really, but the censorship issue isn't the only reason to hate them. (As if that weren't enough)

How about the company’s unfair labor practices around the world. Or how they mistreat many employees that work for them. They also sell goods made by suppliers that grossly violate the rights of their workers around the world.

I realize that there are communities that are pretty much forced to shop there. Maybe they're the only place in town, or the most affordable. Especially in this economic climate, it is difficult to spend with you conscience and against your pocketbook. I don't know, I know that a lot of things aren't black and white, but as an artist (in theory) and a fan of many artists, I think their censorship policy is bullshit.

It's basically blackmail. They're the biggest seller. If you want to sell a lot of records, you have to give in to their demands. I'm glad Green Day took a stand, and although it doesn't really affect bands like them who will sell tons regardless, it does hurt the smaller bands/artists who have to conform. At the very least maybe this will bring more attention to this unfair policy.
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