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Did I post today? I don't think I did, it's been such a busy day that I don't even remember. I almost had to take my mom to the ER again. Fortunately it looks like she's got everything under control for the time being.

My sister got rear ended yesterday and it looks like the other guy either had phony insurance or the company went out of business.

Good times. Oh and I'm writing on my iPhone because the power is out on our block thanks to the storm. actually is kind of cool. We get to light candles, I get to play with the emergency flashlight/radio. Melissa even attempted to build a fort. (PS - Fort Melbert will rise again!)

I walked the dogs a few moments ago and it is so eerie outside. I don't know if that has ever really been captured on film. That magic hour like quality of night when the lights are out but you still have light pollution. There are no lights for a block or two, the moon is covered by clouds, but you can still see outside.

Crap it is starting to come down again, I'm skerred! I'm going to get under the sheets with my baby and go to sleep. Good night!

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(Edit: I feel dirty about this post since I had to re-post it this morning. I wrote it last night and sent in via my phone but my password was different and it didn't post. I forgot I changed it when I changed my Twitter password. I did write it last night so it counts but you know how I can be sometimes.)
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