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Conan was awesome last night. The whole intro was great and I didn't know Andy was going to be back on! It's going to be tough to watch that and Fallon now. I already skipped Fallon last night, I guess it'll depend on who's on, that will determine whether I record it or not.


Switching gears, how, in this day and age, do we lose a jet plane in the middle of the ocean? I know it's a huge area to search but don't we have satellites watching everything 24 hours a day? I don't know, it just seems strange to me.


North Korea is planning to test more missiles. Mid range stuff that can hit South Korea and Japan. What the hell Japan? Maybe you guys should stop playing Dance Dance Revolution and start making yourselves an army. Can't you guys send Godzilla or Spectreman over there to take care of business? Ugh...I fear that we'll be in Korea before too long.
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