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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died yesterday. He left behind children, millions of adoring fans, and it was sudden and some would say tragic. I was a fan of his and of the Jackson 5, he was truly the King of Pop. There are too many songs to list, needless to say, his career was full of hits. His videos changed the music industry, instead of just videos, he made short films. He was a tortured soul, a difficult childhood and never lived a normal life. That being said...

Did people forget about the lawsuits? The allegations? The SEVERAL financial settlements. It doesn't look good and regardless of what he did in his musical career, you can't separate it from his personal life. People are the whole package. Everyone comes down so hard on politicians who cheat on their wives, athletes who take drugs to compete, etc. Charles Barkley said he wasn't a role model. Bullshit.

Accountability. Do you think the kid who's getting beat by his dad cares that he's a beloved celebrity? Or...

SERIOUSLY? Some idiot on TV just compared this to the day that Kennedy got assassinated! Really?

Ugh. I'm just rambling now. I guess I'm just upset because of the way that everyone is remembering him. I'm really not trying to hate, but it's not fair to forget that he probably fucked up some kids lives because he was fucked up. Now those kids will probably grow up and fuck up even more lives. I just hate when people give the argument of separating what people do professionally from what they do in their personal lives. Separate what happens on the field/court/ from the mistakes they make. Fuck you, man up, and take responsibility for your actions.

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