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We're talkin' the hood.

Little League baseball is pretty big in my family. A lot of my cousins played, some still do. Some of us coached and others were umps. I haven't been involved in it too much as of late but I've caught a game or two this year. Anyway, the team my Aunt coaches (the Padres) had a playoff game today. It was a nice day and we decided to take the dogs and go watch. My cousin Robert and my mom joined us as well. We had ice cream, some pistachios, and watched a good game. They ended up winning and the number one team (the Cubs, go figure) was getting upset at the same time at another diamond.

Anyway, it was pretty much a perfect day, nice weather, the dogs behaved, no complaints. Well...almost no complaints. We were at Warren Park, which isn't exactly the hood, but it isn't exactly the nicest park either. This is the park where I grew up. My first job was at the golf course there, several of my friends were counselors/rec leaders there. I played a lot of baseball/softball/football/tennis there growing up. I even won my first game as a coach there. Long story short I'm familiar with the park.

What's my point? Ok, so in the fifth inning these two douche bag gang-bangers start walking across the outfield. It happens, idiots walk into the field of play all of the time. Sometimes people just don't realize what they're doing. Kids that don't know better, old people that are lost, foreigners that don't know our ways, whatever, I get it. These guys knew better, one guy was even wearing a Sox jersey, surprise, surprise. The coaches told them to hurry up and they slowed down. I even think one of them was brown bagging it. It infuriated me. This type of shit always happened growing up. Sometimes we'd ignore it. Other times we would throw a fastball at their domes, run them off and then wait for them to come back with ten other idiots. Or we'd just take off and have to avoid the park for a while depending on the situation. Of course if I ever ran into any of them by themselves on Devon or whatever they'd be all "oh hey man you're cool we thought it was so and so from Rosemont and Claremont or whatever."

If it happened while we were practicing or playing when I was coaching, we'd usually let the kids play on. If the idiots got hurt for being in the field of play. So be it, there was 80 of us. Maybe it was a bit irresponsible but whatever. I guess I'm just ranting now, but what can you do? Confront them? Probably not a good idea, especially now that I'm older and married. Ignoring it just pisses me off, eh, it's one of those things I guess. I have to say though that I would not lose a moment of sleep if I got to drag those idiots in an alley and put a bullet in their skulls.

Not one moment.
Tags: baseball, ranting, the hood

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