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Can someone please explain to me why nothing works. Melissa thinks I have a bad attitude, I swear to you that I jinxed though. The 360 breaks, I send it in to get repaired, they actually send me a new one, with a free month of LIVE even. Score! Until I realize that I can't get online with it. Then when I try to fix the Airport, our iBook isn't working. We call Apple support, supposedly the bestomgbestinthewholewideworldforsupportandcustomerservice, and they want money to help. Either that or we can take it to an Apple store.

So that's just that situation. I'm also trying to go back to school. That's been a pain, transcripts, logging on to their system. Financial aid not accepting certain things, filling out a FORM FOR LIKE OVER AN HOUR and then not having it go through. Using the school's email system and not knowing whether or not things are going through. What else? Waiting in lines at the school FOREVER.

I know a lot of this stuff is what everyone goes through, everyone gets frustrated and has set backs, I know. Oh wait, printing out forms I needed and I run out of ink. Perfect timing! I need to look something up, our Internet goes down! The universe just doesn't seem to like me much, I don't know what I ever did to it...

Oh I also have to take a math placement test. I'm like retarded when it comes to math. I think the only reason I passed some of my classes in high school is because I bowled for one teacher/coach and I stayed after school with another. I never took math in college because I hate it/suck at it and I ended up taking one class twice at a JC. I also managed to drop it twice. It's bad enough that math is a foreign language to me, but the guy trying to teach it to me was also from a foreign country, lol. Long story short, I have to take this placement test and I'm going to end up in a class with the kid with the helmet and the other kid from Can-a-dah eh?

There's more but I feel better now...

Tags: ranting

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