Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Killing Time

Wow, I wasn't even sure I still has this app on my phone. I'm sitting at Jiffy Lube waiting for the oil to get changed, Serafina has been kidnapped by my mom and sister and Melissa's at work. Figured it'd be a good time to get some errands done.

Serafina is three months old already, time is flying by. I think I've aged at least three years in the last three months. My back was killing me for a couple of weeks and I hurt my shoulder a few days ago. I'm trying to workout and stick to a program but I'm always getting hurt. Being old and out of shape is not a good combination, the sad thing is that I'm not in good enough shape to get in shape, heh.

Life has been stressful as of late, school is a pain, being broke is never fun, and my parents are having issues as well. But enough of my pity party, well maybe just one more thing.

Well it's about school but whatever, I've been back over a year now, and I'm not trying to toot my own horn here but I've been getting straight A's. Now I've got this PE methods class and I've been struggling to maintain a B, the teacher is kind of vague, the tests he writes try to trick you, and the material on the tests don't match what we focus on in class at times. Anyway, I got a D on the last test, it was a crappy day in a pretty crappy week overall. Here's the the thing, why do I even care?

As long as I can manage a C I'll be fine. C's get degrees! I'm not on financial aid or a scholarship that I can lose, I'm not going to get anything for a high GPA, and it's not like I'm bringing the grades home to mom and dad. I'm nuts, but it really bugs me...

Hmm...anything else? No one seems to be around anymore, online or otherwise. My life is pretty routine now, school, the fam, tv, football, not a whole lot else going on. Hope you guys are all doing well...


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