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I want my fifteen minutes!!! My 15 minutes of shame!!!

Cool points to whoever knows what song that's from...

Anyhoo 15 minutes til I get out of here. Kids got off early so they are gone...just waiting out the clock. Friggin' computers were'nt working, running of ink, saying they're offline. I heard stories from all these lightweight about being hungover on saturday. Rooks. At least the LJs have been interesting today, don't know exactly what's going on tonight, but I do know its too f'ed out so I will be in Norrath or somewhere on the web. Been listening to RockMeRadio, WickedKarma, and WayOutThereRadio, all day here at work, good stuff guys. Hmmm, that's about it...still have like ten minutes...let's see what else can I ramble about? I don't know, guess there's a lot on my mind. Speaking of 1984, Eden you should read Lullabye by Chuck Palahniuk, he's got a different spin on Big Brother you might find interesting. If not I can just tell you about it. Hmm...what else?

Acckkk whatever. Oh yeah, I'm pissed off, I noticed someone going through the ish on my computer while I was on break, going to have to be more careful and shit I guess. Maybe clear histories, but no one is supposed to be on my shit except for me. Jerks. Ok, think that's about it. Still getting hounded about going to my reunion, pfft. Only one way I'd go...but that's another story. Aight, I'm audi 5000.


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