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Life is such bullshit sometimes. I know that things could be worse, so I really can't complain too much, but I'm sick of actually doing the right thing, and still coming up short. Slacking really is the way to go, I mean what's the point? I've always been kind of a slacker, a little lazy, well maybe not so much lazy as a procrastinator...

Anyway, the last couple of years I've changed my ways. I've tried to stay ahead in the count, ahead of the game, but I'm getting the same fucking results. Pay shit on time, doesn't matter, still adds up. Assignments ahead of time, only to find out I could have turned them in later. Lay out schedules ahead of time only to have them fucked up. I hate Northeastern. The administrative offices suck, their computer systems suck, the facilities are okay I guess, the teachers are good, but all of the support staff and their systems, my God. I've never had so many fucking problems. From parking stickers, to dropped classes, to misinformation, to problems with loans and payments, every semester is a fucking nightmare. My classes should be what I'm worried about, not the damn bursar's office. It's a hell hole and they don't want to let anyone out.

I guess it's what I deserve, I had my chance at graduating from a decent school, hell I could have gone to a good school, but I fucked up. Here I am ten plus years later trying to learn from my mistakes but the universe just doesn't want to make it easy on me.

I know I've written or talked about this before, but sometimes, just sometimes I think I'd be better off if I was an asshole. Or a criminal or something. I mean being good just for goodness sake? Look at all these companies raping us and getting away with it. Banks getting bailed out, what about us? To top off all of this school bullshit, all of the bs going into it, how much it sucks and all, I'm going into debt paying for it. So not only am I taking a beating, I'm paying for it. Yay.

*sighs* Things could be worse...I'm healthy (sort of), my wife's healthy and I've got a healthy baby girl. It's not the end of the world, I know, but it'd be nice if hard work and being responsible actually paid off once in a while.

I'm whining, I'll stop.
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