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For old time's sake...

Everyday in May! Let's see how long it'll last.

Uneventful day. Serafina's crawling like a champ. Went up north for a while. Have to study for two tests tomorrow. Hmm...maybe the one or two of you that actually read this crap can give me some advice. I've recently been in contact with an old friend who wants to get together with another friend of ours on Tuesday night. We're friendly on Facebook and all, but I don't know, it's just going to be awkward. Long story short, the three of use were tight, almost like family back in the late 90's. (God I'm old) Some crap went down between two of us, and the other one kind of just faded away. I haven't seen either of them in probably about five years or so. I don't case scenario, we become friends again right? Worse case is probably just awkwardness. I barely have enough time as it is...I don't biggie but just on my mind as of late.

Yeah, what else? Umm guess that's about it, I should be at the Metro right now watching Local H but I'm old, lame, and poor. I've school tomorrow, parking sucks in Wrigleyville, and money's tight, so I'm making the right decision. Still though. To be young and fancy free...fancy free? WTF is that? Anyway, I'm out.



EDIT - I guess today was eventful after all...
Tags: 9/11, baby, local h, may, osama dead, school

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