Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Bring on Miami!

I know it's not rational but I'd take a win over Miami and a loss in the Championship, of course I'd prefer we win it all but the Heat are such jackasses. From "The Decision" to Wade feigning interest in the Bulls, to their lame ass celebration last night. Did you see the Bulls celebrating tonight, hell no, act like you've been there before y'know.

Anyway, got a lot of stuff done today, hit the comic book store, target, ran errands. All with Serafina in tow, I'm finally getting used to it, let's see how I do with two little ones in tow, lol. I'm getting anxious to find out what the "other one" is going to be, I try not to think about it, but it's exciting. My sister is going to be seeing the same doctor Melissa sees, so that'll be nice, if they end up in the same hospital, etc. It'll be convenient at the very least, heh.
Tags: bulls, serafina

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