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stayed up way too late last night, probably up too late now, it's tough to go to sleep though. First of all I'm used to my school schedule, being up late since this was the only time I could study or get homework done. Now, it's like, I feel like I have to take advantage of the time I have when the baby is sleeping. I usually end up doing nothing and just making myself tired. At least Melissa let me sleep in this morning, getting up around 10 rocks, but it also makes you feel like you've wasted a big chunk of the day.

We hit Babies R Us and got a few things for Serafina, had lunch at a gyro joint, and had Oberweiss for desert. Not too shabby. Visited the P's for a little bit, played Magic with the fam, and headed home. Packed a lot into today so I guess I can't complain.

Okay, time for bed, as soon as SNL is over.

Ace and Gary live action and A new What's Up With That, pretty sweet.
Tags: fam, may, serafina, snl

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