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LOL too funny, Bibby's got jokes, and now I just noticed that when I feel weird my dragon turns into a fish, LOL. Anyway...

Late again
had to clear tons of more snow
only open enough space for me to see in windshield and rear view
wait for truck to melt it off
annoyed at work
still don't know who messed with my shit
have to get going

Oh and like at 4am I had the fawking craziest charlie horse/cramp whatever you call it in my left hurt soooo much, haven't had one of those in a long ass time. Probably when I used to work out, I need more potassium.

Go banana! Gotta finish taxes..need my INKome tax money. Get it, INKome...INK..TATTOOS!!!

I really should take more pics some day, 400 digital camera for what!? But you guys don't deserve them :P I believe in fair trade. Ok gotta get to work.

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