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Fridays suck. I'm not sure why, I know that during the fall Fridays were rough on me because it was the only day I had to deal with Serafina all by my lonesome and I wasn't used to it. In the Spring I had tough classes on Fridays and things just never seemed to work out. It was always something, dog problems or car problems, or scheduling conflicts, they've just been tough. I don't know. Now I'm sure it's becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. I expect them to suck. Last Friday was the 13th right, something sucked then I'm sure. Anyway...

Today was the battle for our living room. I wake up and watch the news, Sera's crawling around the living room and trying to head for our bedroom, I pick her up and notice an ant. No big deal, I take care of it. Then I look at the space behind our couch and sure enough there's a few ants running around. I thought that maybe they were coming in from the balcony which is right there but I notice them crawling out of the edging, floorboard, why can't I think of the right word, it's late...(wall skirting, really?) I digress, so I had to handle that, get some traps and stuff that's safe for kids and pets. We have a contract with Orkin, well the condos do, but he hasn't been around in weeks, I don't know. Maybe the association hasn't paid, living in a condo suckkkkkks, but that's another story. So had to run around, go to Ace, and deal with that.

Melissa gets home and there's a letter from me from a collection agency. WTF? I don't have any outstanding debts, I actually have a credit report monitoring service, and my credit score is pretty good. I give them a call and they tell me it's from an MBNA account, a VISA, but that's all they can tell me, no dates, nothing. I tell them that I have no knowledge or recollection of this account and ask if they can provide me with further information or they can request it. Okay, the balance is like 700 give or take, they're offering me to settle it for 350, or four payments of 90 bucks or so. It isn't a whole lot of money, but I really don't know where it's from. Now if they do investigate it, they say they can't offer me the same deal, if it's legit, I'll have to pay the full 700. WTF? I hang up and call my credit protection service, they don't have a record of it, but they tell me if it was from before I signed up, that they wouldn't, but everything is clean as of right now.

So now I'm not sure what to do, I looked the credit agency up online and they seem pretty shady. Lots of complaints and they got an F from the BBB. So, I don't know, part of me just wants to tear up the letter and just forget about it, another part just wants me to pay the 90 a month and get it over with. I really can't remember but it's possible I had a bad credit card in college what...15 or so years ago (fuck I'm old). The kicker is that MBNA doesn't exist anymore, I guess they merged with Bank of America, so that's helpful too.


Now it's almost midnight and I feel like I haven't gotten much done, I should probably just go to bed. At least Friday's almost over, ugh.

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