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Something was bugging me this morning, but I can't remember what it was. The Bulls game also annoyed me, but, there are things more important than the Bulls winning a playoff game. Seth Petrekis  was a little guy that was born right around the time Serafina was. They had a story on him on the news sometime last year. The poor guy went through a lot, his family did as well. From dealing with bullshit laws in Indiana that weren't going to pay for a procedure he needed, to getting him to Duke University. His mother has been great about posting updates regarding his conditon, there was one a couple days ago about him being critical and tonight she posted that he had passed.

It really broke my heart, there's nothing worse than seeing a baby suffer, it's always been heartbreaking but having a baby of my own, it just made it all that much more difficult to hear. I won't get into the philosophical or religious aspects of a baby dying, or saying that everything happens for a reason, blah, blah, blah. The family was always really good about thanking God and even in her last post she still said that God is good, and he is, I thank him every day for the blessings I've been...err...blessed with. Things like this just make you think, I don't know...God bless you Seth, rest in peace.


Back to school tomorrow, I've got a bullshit ass class at night Monday nights, and then I have an 8 AM class Tuesdays and Thursdays, awesome. It never ends.


I wish I could remember what I was going to bitch about earlier today, eh...


Alright, that's probably enough for tonight, good night everyone