Gil (fenyx) wrote,

I'm tired

It's been a long day...just got home a little bit ago, trying to write a little bit, check facebook, email, and then get to bed, have to be up early tomorrow.

I remember I used to do memes on days like these, kind of like filler or whatever, but those don't seem to be as popular anymore (probably a good thing). So...umm...yeah, I've got nothing.

It's funny that no matter how old I get, and even though I know half of the people in class, the first day is always kind of nerve wracking. I feel like an idiot buying my books at school when you can get them cheaper online, but I don't know, I like being prepared on day one. Again, even though we rarely use the book right away, I guess I'm just a sucker.

Yeah...okay bye bye.
Tags: school

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