Gil (fenyx) wrote,


Another Friday has come and gone. My cousin is having an engagement party, I wanted to attend but we couldn't find a sitter, seeing as most of our sitters are either at or supposed to be at this party...Eh... I'm probably too old for that crowd anyway, it started at 9:30, my wife is usually sleeping by then, lol. I didn't have an engagement party, or is it we? I guess WE didn't have one, I can't say that I've ever been to one either...anyway...

PCs suck. But Macs suck too. Sure they run smoothly, blah, blah, blah, but you can't do crap on them. Games don't work, lots of sites don't either. Then again this damn PC has crashed on me, I've had to replace the power unit, and then the graphics card. Guess that's what I get for getting it on the cheap. One of my cousins (not the one getting married) build it for me, when it's running, it is a sweet system, but when it's not...

Can't win them all I guess. I'm exhausted, might be time for bed...oh and can someone explain to me why I bother playing these stupid Facebook games? I have real games to play on the PC or any of the consoles, yet I find myself playing these lame games on Facebook. I have issues.
Tags: computer, fam, may

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