Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Anniversary and Father's Day

Ugh, this should really be two different entries. I'm so damn busy with school and life that I haven't had much of a chance to update. So anyway, Father's Day was pretty special, being that it was my first and all, Serafina got me an awesome book,"My Dad, My Hero" and a SpongeBob Card that came with a button that proclaimed me to be the "Spongiest Dad", which could be taken a couple of ways, lol. We then headed over to my dad's where we had a nice Father's Day cookout. I was feeling like shit though, allergies were killing me, and I took stuff that seemed to make me feel worse. I also had a little too much to eat, combined with the heat and exhaustion from Sera, it all made for kind of a rough day. Still though the cookout was awesome, and it was just strange to be there as a father. Still hasn't really sunk in...

A couple of days later Melissa and I celebrated our third anniversary, that hasn't sunk in either. We went to Connie's and had a nice dinner, I got her some roses, the best looking roses I've ever seen by the way, seriously, like movie roses. Whatever that means. It was kind of low-key but with Serafina, things kind of have to be low-key these days.

Speaking of, we also found out we're having another girl, pray for mojo. I mean me, pray for me, I'll be outnumbered 3 to 1. :)
Tags: anniversary, baby, fam, father's day, pregnancy

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