Gil (fenyx) wrote,

I should be studying...

I'm burning out. Quick and dirty like. I have so much crap to do, ideally it would be done in small chunks, but my spare time during the week is pretty much non-existent. So what can you do? Anyway, it's been a month, and I've been meaning to write about how awesome last week was...

Let's see, about a month ago, maybe less, I had a terrible pain in my side/back. It sucked, it didn't last long but it hurt so bad it made me sweat. It was quick and it went away as fast as it hit. I figured maybe it was a muscle spasm, or indigestion, or gas pain or something. Anyway, last week I had a similar pain, this time it was worse, and it took longer to go away. I had never hurt so bad in my life, I thought I was going to black out from the pain. It eventually subsided, but I was left with a pretty bad dull pain. I knew something was wrong, but I don't know if it was laziness or denial but I figured it would go away again.

It didn't, it got worse. I took some Tylenol and it helped, I thought that I'd give it a night, if I woke up in pain in the morning then maybe I'd go see the doctor. I'm stubborn, thinking back I couldn't even eat and I wanted to throw up, I should have just gone to the ER, but I kept thinking it wasn't that bad. The next morning it was hurting, but it was dull. I thought I'd tough it out, go drop off Serafina and make an appointment to see the doctor. It started getting worse. I didn't want to worry Melissa so I played it off, but it was killing me. I loaded Sera into the car and headed north to my parents. On the way there it got worse. I was bent over, driving, trying to deal with it. I drove by Illinois Masonic and I almost jumped off Lakeshore Drive to go to the ER but then I thought to myself what's going to happen to Serafina?

I sucked it up and made it to the house, my mom and dad saw me and immediately were worried, I guess I was pale at this point. I told them I was in pain and that I probably should go to the ER at this point, lol. My dad went with me (I was dying at this point and I still drove because I didn't want my dad driving while distressed, that's another story) and waited with me in the ER.

Emergency rooms suck. I can barely stand up at this point and I still have to fill out paperwork, answer questions, and wait to see someone. Luckily there weren't too many people there and luckily I wasn't dying because I wouldn't writing this right now, heh. They finally took me to a room, ran some tests, and long story short, I had a kidney stone. It suuuuucked. But that wasn't the end of my awesome week.

The next day I had an appointment with a podiatrist, it's hard to make appointments with him so I couldn't cancel even though I felt like shit. If I rescheduled I'd have to wait a few weeks minimum. I had a toenail that was infected, I waiting too long after having it ingrown or whatever, again, long story short, I had to have it cut out. Fun times. He didn't prescribe me painkillers because I had some from the kidney stone ordeal, but the kicker is that I stopped taking those and wouldn't have taken any other ones because of the side effects. So yeah it was either suck it up with the pain, or take the narcotics and have stomach issues.

During the ER visit I ended up missing class, which was a lab, and making that up sucked as well. I'm taking tough classes and just missing that day set me back, I'm still trying to catch up. Now I have a test tomorrow and I have some journal article review due. I hate reading studies and abstracts and hypothesis and arrrgh. Can't I just watch some football and veg out?

So, I shouldn't complain I guess, it could have been something more serious, and I have insurance (even though the damn ER copay is still 100 bucks)and things could always be worse. Oh and the check engine light came on the car and I have a slow leak, and all of my financial aid hasn't come in yet...okay I'm going to stop now...

Hope you're all doing well.
Tags: er, health, life, sick

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