Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Linsanity? I mean Lent-sanity!

So, radical idea here. I came up with it earlier tonight while I tried to decide on what to do for Lent this year. This year I'm going to give up 40 things for Lent, or at least try to. No, I'm not insane. I'm going to slowly cut the list down, ideally one item per day, so tomorrow will be nuts but by the end of Lent it should be a breeze. We'll see how it goes.

1. Alcohol - my usual, should be a breeze.
2. Meat - not sure how long this will last, but Melissa's a veggie so there's that.
3. Wii - almost feels like I shouldn't throw this on here, but if I can't play anything else, I'm sure I'll be tempted to dust it off, so it's something.
4. Pop - I feel like I'm going to screw this up unconsciously, it's not a big deal, I can live without it, I have in the past, but it's like so automatic I could see myself drinking one halfway before I even realize it.
5. Candy
6. Twitter - posting or reading it, shouldn't be too hard for a while.
7. Fast Food - I know some of these overlap, but it'll make sense, for example if pizza is considered fast food, I could eat a hamburger, screwing up this one but leaving the fries, pizza one intact. However eating pizza or having fries would screw this one up as well.
8. Xbox
9. Fries
10. 3DS
11. Ice Cream - Shamrock Shakes noooo!
12. PS3
13. Concerts - not that I go to that many anyway these days.
14. Plants vs. Zombies - shut up, it's addicting.
15. Magic the Gathering
16. Peanut Butter - this one might be tough.
17. Cake
18. Donuts
19. Minecraft
20. Cookies
21. Eating out
22. Chocolate
23. Chips
24. Excessive/unnecessary spending - now, what constitutes excessive, lol.
25. Popcorn
26. Swearing - don't see this one lasting very long, FUUUUUUUCK!!! Just getting it out of my system ASSHOLES!
27. Pizza
28. Reading Fiction - or books for fun, not comics, so like Kindle stuff. I guess I'll keep reading textbooks, ugh.
29. Radio - this one is interesting. I listen online sometimes but that's no biggie, it's mostly for the car. I had it on my list, but I came across it online too. Some people chose to quit listening to their radios while driving and instead pay attention to the world God has created around them, sounds like a good one to me.
30. Comic books - already regretting this one
31. Medici's
32. MW3 - I'm going to be stressed out, I need to shoot people.
33. SWTOR - I debated throwing some games on here, or specific ones, or having so many revolve around gaming. For some it may seem easy, but honestly gaming is one of the few things I can still do for fun without too much trouble. It's also something I really enjoy so there's no point in giving up stuff that ISN'T difficult, or that you AREN'T going to miss. Eh...
34. TV - okay, this one's a little complex, I considered just leaving it off, but again, well see the note above. Anyway, I need Sesame Street on in the mornings or else Serafina will never let me tend to Ruby. Our TV's in the living room, so if Melissa is watching it, I'd have to leave her and the kids (wait a minute, there may be something to so I guess I'm going to give up watching my shows and sports.
35. Texting - not that difficult I guess, and probably a good idea since I am guilty of texting when I shouldn't be every so often. So I guess I'll call and talk to someone when I have to.
36. Facebook - honestly, this will probably be the first one to go.
37. Surfin the 'net - for entertainment purposes.
38. XXXX
39. XXXX
40. XXXX - There are a few that I'll keep to myself, don't worry it's nothing too depraved.

Of course Lent is about more than just giving stuff up, but I'll touch on that a little bit later.


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