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Force of habit is a crazy thing. I already screwed up a couple of things. Goddamnit is a swear right? lol. That's one, then I was cooking some spaghetti-o's for Serafina with meatballs and I tasted it to see if it wasn't too hot. Didn't realize what I was doing until I had swallowed the damn meatball. Ugh. Otherwise, not too shabby, I really felt out of it though, no TV is tough, and what with the no web surfing I am totally out of the loop, don't have a clue as to what's going on. One of those is probably coming off tomorrow, technically right now, just not sure which one would be better to take off the list. This is kind of interesting, it's making me give everything a kind of priority, it's a good indication of what I take for granted. I don't really miss Facebook too much, I mean I've gone off it before. The food stuff, as long as it isn't in the house isn't even a factor. Anyway...

So the bathroom door sticks now, pretty bad actually, and it seems to have come out of nowhere. I tried tightening the screws on the hinges but they're all pretty good. The frame couldn't have warped that quickly, could it have. I mean it's like from yesterday to today and it's tough to close. Ugh, home ownership is the worst. Still have to figure out what we're going to do about the humidifier in the furnace...anyway I should get to bed, friggin' school sucks. Just spent about four hours working on a crappy lesson plan. This teacher has been kind of douchey with his grading too...I don't know...this semester has kind of sucked. Even though I am kind of done with the difficult classes, the ones I have this semester have been frustrating at times.

Tags: kids, lent, life, school

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