Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Not enough time.

It's funny that ten years ago it was a lot less convenient to post on here, yet somehow I managed to do it all the time. Now, we have three computers, a fire kindle, and two iphones and I can never manage to take a few minutes to jot down what I've been up to.

Stream of consciousness type of stuff going on, so bear with me, or just skip it, whatevs...

I really want to do the Bike the Drive next year, I know I've said it before. I hate people. They were showing North Ave beach on tv tonight, of course there were fights like last year, (not to mention like 22 shootings in town since yesterday evening) but the place was also a mess. There's no way I'd get in the lake with those crowds, ewww...oh you could also see how dirty people left the beach. Full of trash, garbage everywhere. I wish the human garbage would take their garbage with them. Oh and some kid was on camera throwing up gang signs, awesome.

I feel like such a sell out but the more I learn, the older I get, and the more concerned I grow about my children, the less I want to keep living here. Hell, not only Chicago, but America. Never mind the whole wealth distribution, but the violence, my God. The screwed up laws, the politics, our youth, our culture, I don't know...

Anyway, back to more enjoyable things, sort of. We went to my cousin Richard's baby shower yesterday, he's expecting in July. It's crazy. We almost didn't go. It's just that everything is such a hassle with the girls now, not to mention that my whole family lives on the other side of town. So any time there's an "event" we have to drag our asses all the way across town. UFC was on yesterday too so I had to zip the family back home and then drag my happy ass back up north again. It's kind of ridiculous. Robert's oldest, well oldest of the new set, nevermind, anyway it was his birthday and we had to go back up north yet again. It's too exhausting to talk about. I love Serafina, God bless her, but she is waaaaaay too energetic. I'm going to have to get into better shape, if for no other reason than to be able to keep up with her. I had a moment, she was running around my uncle's house and she kept going into his daughter's room. It was all done up for a girl and Serafina loved it. She jumped in the bed, laid down, messed around with the remote, I saw my girl grow up for a second, time flies.

I should probably write more, but I'm kind of beat. Hope everyone's doing well, if anyone's out there reading.


PS-tomorrow isn't national BBQ day a-holes, try to remember why we have the day off.
Tags: babies, birthdays, fam, holiday, life, parties, serafina

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