Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Grind It Out

I really need to update this more often, I'm missing out on a lot of stuff, and it's never been easier to update what with the damn app on my phone. Sera's second birthday was a couple of weeks ago, should have written about that. Rob's going away party was today, lots to say about that. School, life, etc. It's a lot, I know that one theory is that you can get too busy living your life to have time to write about it. However one of my professors said something that stuck the other day, if your life is worth living, it's worth writing about.

I don't know...I have a lot I need to get done, and the final stretch starts tomorrow. One more year, but it's going to be hell. We'll see how it goes, I really should get to bed. I will soon, but I'm going to try, well try to try, to keep up on this.


How the hell are you doing?
Tags: fam, parties, school, serafina

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