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It's been a rough week, it's been real aggravating but I just had a talk with my dad that put it into perspective. I didn't get to watch a down of football this weekend, or get to see Local H, but that's life, ugh. Actually, I'm still depressed about it, I guess the talk didn't do all that good then, lol. I mean, I know, I'm lucky to have kids, healthy kids, and a roof over my head, a loving family, it's just that I feel like I have no life. Like what's the point of all this luck, hard work, etc. if I can't stop to enjoy it.

I don't know, I feel like I'm this soulless robot, a husk, I go to school every morning, all day, come home do homework, repeat. No time for anything else. No friends, no life nothing. I know its almost over, but then what. School will be replaced with work. Unappreciated work at that, where I'll be vilified because I'll be making too much money for not doing shit. Right.

Whatever. Things just suck right now. Its sad but I think it is true, I don't have any friends, not really anyway, how much do Facebook friends count? It's all bullshit. I can't sit and have a beer with someone, even if I had the time. Fuck. I just don't get the point sometimes.

Oh, the whole fur trading things ended up being kind of fun, for a while, it got old quick though. Still, I'm glad I went. Fuck the canoe trip though, lol.
Tags: fam, football, local h, ruby, school, serafina

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