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Is this thing on?

Fuck. I'm amazed I could even remember my password. Not even sure what I wanted to write about, eh. It's been a day. It's been a rough couple of weeks, er...months. I just wanted February to be over because it sucked, but March has been kind of tough too. Lots of depressing shit going on. That's life, I know, but it gets to you. Between Oren's death and Don's story the other day, and some other stories and people passing away...I don't know. Now Irma's brother is in a coma. Things have got to change. I keep saying that, but..fuck what did coach O used to say? Words without actions, or faith without action, I don't remember, but I know what I mean.

Faith without works is dead. That's it.


Anyway lots to write about, but again, I think it's all covered in Facebook. Fuck Facebook, but it is what it is. Birth, School, Work, Death, right?

I'm rambling.