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Today I say goodbye to my thirties. Fuck. I had a lot I wanted to write down, but all of a sudden, it doesn't matter. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow. I'm down, not depressed, just a lot of things are getting me down. The whole situation with CPS and how people think we're greedy teachers that don't deserve what was promised to us. The whole Trump situation, I still can't believe it, and it is difficult to see how ugly the whole thing has gotten. Eh, I don't feel very...articulate at the moment. I couldn't wait to jump on here to write, but I'm tired.

That's mostly what it is, I'm tired. Tired of work, of talking about striking. Tired of finding out what type of people some of my friends and family really are. Tired.

I need help. Maybe just a little. I don't know. Like I said, I was feeling philosophical and wordy and stuff earlier...now I'm just bleh.

LJ is bleh.

I am so smart

S M R T.