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Same ol, same ol.

So where's this fawking blizzard we're all expecting?

At least tomorrow's friday right. I'm going to get lit this weekend, nothing else to do. Seems like lots of us are in the same mood lately. One of my buddies at work was asking me if I had S.A.D. The seasonal depression syndrome or whatever. I don't think so, I mean I love the snow, and I get enough sunlight, it's just life in general. He did give me a good idea, told me to workout more, and that does help. I don't even think that it's the workout as much as it is keeping busy, which I once again did today. EQ'ed with Eden for a while, saw some new places, got some new spells, it was a good day in there. Guess I'll get to sleep now, hopefully my brain will shut off quickly tonight. Who knows.

Much love,

Gilly Gil

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