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Where does the time go?

Sorry I haven't been writing in here as of late. I've just lost my muse I guess, I hope she comes back to me soon.

Believe it or not, I've been writing for over two hours now. Catching up on emails, trying to bang this out, even logged out of EQ to play catch up, besides gets boring when no one is on. Let's see...Julie made me laugh today, we were talking about a mutual friend. She's an aspiring actress, but has been a little out of pocket lately. Too much of everything, just super excess. Anyway, I asked Jules if she's still acting, she said "She's in a play everyday of her life" or something to that extent, it was friggin' halairious, maybe you had to be there. Or know who we're talking about.

Well, I've been trying to keep busy. Keep my mind off things, people...unfortunately that usually involves causing damage to my liver by way of alcohol...mmmm.....Jack and Coke. Mmmm..Tequila....ok, stop. *calls AA*

Friday we went to Mullen's after work, threw some darts, had a few laughs. God, it's ten already, I wanted to watch some TV, make some calls, maybe take a shower, oh well guess I'll have to do it in the morning and freeze my ass off in the cold as usual. Saturday was D's party on the SOUTHSIDE! What a blast, it was an awesome time. Minimal drama, people passing out, people getting digits, it was AG. (all good you dorks) Sunday was just recovery time.

I guess I'm on a team for wednesday for our work "Triathalon". Darts, pool, and trivia. Some of you know how competitive I can get so I'm going to be practicing tomorrow, lol. Should have been today but eh...had to catch up on writing. Anyway, we're gonna rock 'em, no work thursday, not to mention 25 cent wings. (hey isn't there a C/cents button anymore? like this $ but for cents?, wow guess not, either that or I can't find it, lol.)

I just wrote Sarah that I won't be going to FL with them. Guess it's for the best, but I really would have liked the trip, would have been leaving the fifth of March, awell there's always spring break I guess. Summer too, whateva. Lots of birthdays coming up, Jules, to remember to keep them all straight, I think Julie's having a party we go my liver is going to run away from me.

BTW anyone seen my fawking slippers? Can't seem to find them. Oh wait, there they are under the bed. Ok now I'm just rambling, see, guess I really don't need to write as much, nothing to write about.

Still going to the reunion after all I guess...maybe. LOL. Alright, I've bored you all enough.

Until next time, same Fen-time, same Fen-channel.


(Great here I am, finally ready to update and internet crashes! Story of my life.)

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