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Disdain the things you cannot have, ignoring them is the best revenge.

Current as of 2-23-04 9:30 CST (long entry took me a while)

I seriously think you lied Bibbz, lol how did YOU, of all people get an NC-17.

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I can't believe that it's already friggin' Feb. 23rd. Where does the time go? I have to say this is the fastest it's ever been to where I get to the point that I'm like, when is this year going to end. 2004 went downhill real fast. Anyway, apologies to all, I've been slacking and haven't been writing. Guess I'll get the site up soon too. It's just that for the last few weeks or so, I've really, really been trying to keep myself busy. Reality blows, therefore I've been trying to ignore it. My subject line, btw is from The 48 Laws of Power it's a great read and one of my favorite books of all time...if only I followed the rules, lol.

Updating my journal usually means I have to write about the real world, hence, no updates. Norrath, films, going out, video games, music, these things are all helping to fill the void. I feel like I'm losing something everyday, piece by piece. Like I'm drowning in water that's only knee deep. Ever seen Fight Club. It's how I feel, I can't sleep at night, but during the day I'm barely awake. Guess it's a good thing, it makes me numb. Dulls the pain. I'm starting to not even recognize myself. I'll snap out of it...I hope.

Anyway, where do I begin. Here's a taste of just how busy I've been trying to keep. Idle hands...

Right after work on Friday I went over to Hamilton's,1419,M-Metromix-Home-!PlaceDetail-3041,00.html
with some peeps from work. I took over the jukebox, and had a few drinks with people from work. After a while conversations and behavior started to go south, it was a good time. It was also Julie's birthday so I had to make my ass out to meet her at some point. Had another shot and then headed over to Chicago and Western to meet her and her friends at Darkroom.,1419,M-Metromix-Home-!PlaceDetail-22732,00.html
I'd never been here but it was pretty cool. I'm not much of a club person, but the place was laid back, no cover, and casual. The theme is definitely photography, hence the name. Picture and light boxes everywhere, it was the first time I was there, I really liked it. Mostly techno, dance, deep house music. I got in with my hoodie and sneakers. Then again, it is me, lol. VIP, yep, yep. It was a good time, almost didn't make it out there but I'm glad I did. Charlie and I just chilled and watched everyone dance while making our little comments, lol. Julie's presents were too funny, some I cannot speak of due to my R rating. Sarah and Julie tried getting me on the dance floor, they succeeded but I was just a spectator. We closed that bitch out and then headed over to a 4am bar, Betty's Blue Star,1419,M-Metromix-Home-!PlaceDetail-3107,00.html
but it was way too packed, the line was around the corner and we didn't have a hook up so we decided to call it a night. That was Friday.

Saturday. Woke up early, even though I had just gotten to sleep, surprisingly not hungover. Watched three movies while playing some EQ. American Psycho, Fear, and Save the Last Dance. (they were all on TV, so sue me. lol) OK, continuing. Bummed around the crib until about sevenish. Then headed out to see my friend's band play Sol Azul at the Underground,1419,M-Metromix-Home-!PlaceDetail-7442,00.html
It was a good time, Shenel and Rigo showed up and they were pretty wild, lol. We had a long convo regarding the pro and cons of tattooing vs. piercing, lol. They kept yelling on stage, I think we probably embarassed Ernesto, awell. Mmmm tequila...mmm...oh yeah my friend Jack Daniels was also there, all night long, lol. They played a decent set and I got the hell out of there. Cabbed it home, hit Norrath for a few, and then passed out for a couple hours. Well passed out as much as I could..."can't sleep, clown'll eat me."

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! I woke up from my so-called slumber, and proceeded to veg all day watching TV and playing EQ. Still haven't recovered my freakin' corpse...but thanks to a lv65 named Stic I'm hooked up with gear. So let's see, woke up to my brother watching The Perfect Husband, the Laci Peterson story. (Dean Cain must need the money) Then I believe Soul Surivivors was next. (Mmm...Eliza Dushku) After that came Lucky Town, (ehhh) An Officer and a Gentleman, (pretty much Gossett and Gere at their best) and Bowling for Columbine. (An incredible doc, I love it, I just get uncomfortable when he jumps on Heston at the end.)I also saw most of Bad Apple in there somewhere. (It was pretty weak)

Of course the Simpsons and other assorted LOL Sunday FOX programming followed by the bedtime chaser of Home Movies on Adult Swim. I didn't like this cartoon at first but it's grown on me. So now it's fawking's going to be a long ass week. I have people watching Oprah, others roaming the school, kids MC battling in the halls and others doing nothing. (Mmm..Reese's Pieces)

I love my job. (drips with sarcasm)

Alright 'nuff said, more later...if I can handle it.

Much love,


PS-wussed out and went for the nose huh? Awell maybe next time, lol.

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