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I'm trying bibby, give you something to read, lol. Anyway, did a lot of EQing today, thought I'd be able to get a little ahead but I barely managed to catch up. Took forever to get corpse, then after I got it summoned, I couldn't get out of the town...friggin Paineel.

Okay, some of you have no clue what I'm saying do you? ROFL. Anyhoot. Back to reality...*crashes*. I'm tired, got to get to bed...but hey I have a three day weekend coming up, didn't even realize it until I was at work today...WOOT! Lots of crap going on that I won't bore you with, but I hope everything works out. Umm think that's about it, see I'm so boring I have nothing to write about. I don't know...

Alright, I'll go to bed now...'nite y'all.

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