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Okay this is yet another reason I haven't been posting, usually just end up being rants about BS like this morning.

I wake up and I'm running late. I shower, no time to shave, lay out my clothes before hand, when I come back someone moved shirt somewhere so now I have to pick another shirt, but I need to laundry and it just starts a fucked domino-style set of chain reactions. I know it sounds retarded and I won't get into it too much, but when you need to do laundry you don't have many options, and I'm not wearing dirty clothes, f' that. I don't even own second hand anything...I'm kind of a clean freak, sort of. I hate, friggin' hate when people move shit. My CDs, books, whatever, just pisses me off. So I'm running late, finally get dressed, grab my tunes, and jet. Pick up breakfast on the way to work. So I'm at my locker, half-asleep, partially-awake when I hear....BOOM! BOOM! BOOMBOOMBOOM! The ROTC is practicing their marches, color flags, whichever, whatever right down the hall. My friggin' ears!! It wasn't all that loud, just not what I want to hear at seven in the morning.

How's your day going?

Well at the very least all this crap is keeping me busy and my confused mind off things...

Catch you on the flipside.

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