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I think Im going to be sick, had too much for lunch and way too fast, always in a friggin' hurry. Anyway, I've been getting bad news all day, friends at work in the ER, people second guessing their decisions, and just overall'd think you could get away from drama in the real world by going online..yeah right.

Anyway, I had some window screens worked on last weekend and I still haven't picked them up, I'm such a slacker. I finally did get that call I was expecting, and umm I think that's about it. God it's only monday huh?

Monday's used to mean RAW to me, but I've pretty much stopped watching WWE altogether, I caught a match the other night and have been thinking about getting back into again...we'll see. Yes I know it's fake, and they repeat storylines, and it's predictable, but what isn't these days?

A co-worker of mine teaches me words in chinese every once in a while and I was thinking of maybe picking up a book or going to and downloading a book on chinese. Then again I have enough trouble with the languages I already know.

God, reading this I seem so boring. Give me sometime,it's only monday, besides I'll probably start making shit up soon. ;)

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