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"Piss away potential, everyday is a waste, and I'm wasted every day."

Where do I begin, well yesterday kind of sucked. I couldn't get on at all, my brother was tweaking the computer, defragging it and such, and it took like eight freakin' hours. He was also setting up Nvdia ish, the cool thing is that we now have two monitors and they're lined up and everything so it's pretty sweet. So I can have EQ running full screen on the flatscreen and then have I-tunes and messenger come up on the other one. Anyway, I'm boring everyone.

Other than that, I'm pretty stoked that I got my Neighborhoodie...sweet, I'll take a pic soon, maybe go for Neighborhoodie of the Week. I'll keep you posted. WWW.NEIGHBORHOODIES.COM I should really add them to my links...even got a note from the owner and everything pretty cool. I'm sure I'll be ordering something else soon. I've actually been able to sleep now, guess it had something to do with a long conversation I had yesterday, it's amazing how a few words can ease your mind, and just make you feel good. You know?

So at work today there was a lot of ish going on, and the kids in the choir were running around in their robes. I kept thinking of EQ and the Wizzys, etc in it, lol. I can always tell when I've been playing something way too much. Too much GTA and I started to imagine driving the Jeep all over the place, and saw places to do stunt jumps everywhere. Too much Hitman or Ghost Recon, and I found myself on the "L" (elevated train to you non-chicagoans) thinking about where I could post and where my best shots would be. Anyway, you get the picture. A bad combination of too much time on my hands and an overactive imagination.

My knee was acting up today too, it's only for a moment or two, but it reminds me of my mortality and of the fact that I am getting older. It sucks, but what are you going to do? My clothing dilemma continued today, it's a damn domino effect but I threw on a shirt and didn't even notice a small stain that didn't get out. F'ing sucked, you can't even tell, but I could. Damn Obs/comp I am. I must say I looked quite disheveled this morning though. Fuck it, to quote Coach Z "These peoples try to fade me." Okay I really have no idea what I'm blabbling about at this point. An amusing discussion has sprung up on the Chicago community, Cubs V. Sox. People are nuts, but so am I.

Alright, I think that's about it...I thought I had like lots to write about, but I guess not. Have a good night...

Much Love,


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