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"Why is it the people who need the most help won't take it?"

That's from A River Runs Through It. I was just telling my brother I'd love to live in those times, just be to be able to wear fedoras and suits all the time...but I digress. Didn't I have something to write about? Or is it just that I can't log into EQ? LOL. It sucks that Eden won't be playing now. I really only joined to play with the gang. That never really panned out huh? I can't remember one time that all of us were in one group. Awell, what's the saying about even the best laid plans? Hmm...where was I? Oh I didn't get Cubs tickets yesterday, but I might have a line on some now. Although I'm going to have to come up with like 500 dollars...ackk. It's well worth it though, at the very least if I have to I can make a lot of money selling them. But I want to go see them, not make money. Some things are more important you know?

*sighs* What is going to become of me? Went out after work yesterday after trying to make a phone call or two...hung out at Mullen's for a while then headed over to Mulligan's. I swear I had like ten shots of Jamieson over the course of the night. Oh yeah forgot about cruising over to Gurnee for two hours, lol. Long night. Now I'm sitting here cotemplating my next move. Probably try EQ again...I don't know...I swear I had more to Whatta gonna do. More later.

Much love,

Gilly Gil

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