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Bounce! Bounce! Happy March!

Woot!! At least it's March now.

Why am I getting the new There download right now? Like I ever play There anyway, guess I really am that bored. Been reading LJ's too, if it weren't for these I don't think I'd know anything about a lot of people seeing as I rarely catch anyone on these days. Anyway, I missed the Oscars, which kind of sucked but I agreed to go bowling before I realized what sunday we were talking about. Lord of the Rings finally got its well deserved props. I really have to stop going out, I mean for the last month or longer I've been going back to my evil ways. Going out all weekend, drinking, shooting pool, darts, everything and anything to keep myself busy. What was that about idle hands?

Friday I hit Mullen's and Mulligan's, I think I wrote about that though. Saturday I, ummm..what the hell did I do saturday? Oh wait I think I couldn't get into EQ, think I wrote about that too, lol. Ended up playing saturday night and not going out which was a good thing. Friggin' expensive going out. Spent like 50 or so on Friday and another 55 last night. We went to Waveland Bowl. I hadn't gone bowling in a while, but it's like riding a bike I guess. I did alright. But you know me, insanely competitive...but that's another story. The crew was all there, Tony showed up, but man...he gets a bit outta control. Too many drinks and forget about it, he starts talking shit, trying to get us to keep going, fawking alcoholics. (acck Yesterday just popped on, Boyz II Men, so depressing...gets me thinking *snaps out of it*) So we get out of Waveland and just a few of us decide to go to Mullen's to finish off the night. I have another drink and call it a night.

So anyway, thought I'd be able to like sleep today, rest a little. No dice. People calling, people need rides, etc. Everyone BUT the person that I want to get a call from is calling me at the crib. Sorry ladies, there's just not enough Gil to go around, lol. Yeah right, mostly telemarketing calls or friends bugging. God can't believe it's already going to be 11. So much for enjoying the day off. Maybe I'll take a nap, then again maybe I'll start playing EQ or There or something and waste the rest of the day, lol.

Just saw that new Nike commercial, fawking awesome. Urlacher and Vick playing hockey, Big Unit bowling, Aggassi playing with the Red Sox. Nike makes the best commercials. The old Jordan ones, the basketball dribbling tricks. One of the best ones was for the Olympics I think. It was like the World's best agains these demons. It was freaking awesome, if I remember we were getting our asses kicked and then the humans came back. See what I mean, wish they had them on DVD or something. Ok I know, I'll shut up.

Think that's about it for now...more later.

The Original N.O.R.E.

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