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What the hell? Well let me start by saying that my modem/internet at home was down since last night. I called and spoke with RCN, they gave me the run around about unplugging and reseting and turning shit on and off and nothing worked. So eventually, they/we gave up and they're sending someone out to look at the modem on wednesday...but now as you can probably tell..everything's working fine. So what to do? Call them back or just wait and see what cable guy does, but do I want to sit here and wait for RCN? Hmmm...

What sucks is that I sooo wanted to write earlier...and now...I think I've totally forgotten. On what may seem to be a totally different, random, tangent, it's amazing how you can go up and down so quickly. The right words, a laugh, a smile, the way they can just change your mood, your day. On the other hand...just a thought, an action, the wrong words...can just fuck up your day something fierce.

What the hell am I babbling about? Damnit, my net is up and running...but the idiot box continues to lure me toward the call of some syren...or umm..yeah...Hebrew Hammer. Wonder how much that's going to suck.

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