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What a long freakin' day. Work sucked, I didn't feel like being there. The extra day off does more damage than good. Felt sore all day too, I don't know, guess it doesn't help that my sleep cycles are all f'ed up. (hmm..shades of Bibby?) Anyway, I had a nice talk, sorta, hate thinking about things, the past, the present, the future, lol. They all suck.

So here goes...I went to work, went downtown to pick up pops. Talked on the phone. Then sped back downtown to pick up GXK from work. Then we had to speed over to CDW to pick up his new computer before six. It was kind of nuts, rushing through downtown Chicago during rush hour, lol. We made it in time and got back to his place to set it up. We had some Garcia's while we set it up and watched an old Viva La Bam, Compton Ass Terry is too funny. God I'm all over the place. So I finally rolled into the crib after nine, and watched The Shield. That show is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

Anyway, I'm too friggin' tired to think straight...what sucks is that it's not the physical so much as the emotional, the mental. I just have to hang in there I guess, not much else I can do. :(

What the hell am I babbling about, that's why maybe I shouldn't write everyday, not only am I boring anyone, I'm also incoherent. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Someone snap me out of it please.

Eh more tomorrow,

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