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I've been meaning to write about this but I've been too tired, or sleepy, or just have my mind on other shit. Now this opinion might make me unpopular but I don't care.

I hate bootleggers.

I get all my music from Best Buy or I-tunes...I mean if you can't afford 10 bucks for a CD, how can you even afford a computer and internet access. Look, I'm not going to get into the guilt tripping, or about how you're making people poor, because you're not. Ben Affleck is still going to make his millions, and Miramax isn't going out of business anytime soon.

But as a writer, hoping that someday I'll have something on the big screen, it kind of sucks to see people passing The Passion of the Christ around here on DVD. It just freakin' came out, lol. If nothing else think of the karma, and I don't know about you, I'm not very religious, but that's the LAST movie I'd think about bootlegging. It really is stealing.

I'm not a saint by any means, I've used P2P sharing in the past, but only for things I couldn't find. Or songs on the radio which aren't out yet. Things like that. I'm not trying to hate on people who do it, to each his own. I really think that the MPAA sueing people has gone too far. Hearing about all the BS lawsuits actually made me want to steal music, it's all about greed. Alright, I'll quit it, but it just bothers me because I have a lot of friends in bands, and a few in the industry.

While I'm bitching, I hate orange juice too! Why? Because I spilled some on me this morning on the way to work. Don't get me started about work, grrr damn kids lying to your face. That too, friggin' liars in general.

Message to everyone reading. Don't freakin' lie! Say what you mean, but don't say thing you might not mean. Keep it real!!! Feelings, emotionals, whatever. Don't lead people on, and don't prolong the pain ok? Everyone's like WTF are you talking about, well I'm talking about our kids here, but also to some of you whom I know, and everyone in general. Honesty really is the best policy, it's better to hurt someone now than to kill them later. Anyway, 'nuff said.

Just not in a great mood this morning, PMSing I guess, lol. Doesn't help that I can't sleep, and when I do, like last night, I have f'ed up dreams/nightmares. Last night I was in the middle of some field, maybe EQ-ish. Anyway a friend loans me like a scooter, which I ride around. Long story short I end up with like three guys trying to jump me to steal it from me and it ends up being a huge melee until one of my boys shows up and they run off. No clue what that meant whatsoever, probably came up from EQ stuff and talking about the past.

Anyway, you guys ever been to Steak and Shake...what the hell is

Takhomasak!!! It took me a while to figure out it meant "take home a sack". I thought it was like some Indian name, lol. Freakin' speak English people. Ok guess I've ranted enough, thanks for listening. :P

Drop me a line sometime strangers.


The Notorious G.I.L.

PS-sorry hyper from damn tagalongs. Friggin' Girl Scouts can't write in English either, Tag-Alongs sheesh!

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