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Whatever's supposed to happen, happens.

Don't get me started about "so called reality, but scripted, cinema verite wannabe, time-killing, brain cell destroying, shows"...but I just caught the end of Average Joe, on a Hebrew Hammer commercial, and I heard the guy say "Whatever's supposed to happen, happens." Sound familiar? Then he was on the bus after getting rejected...and he started talking about being 27, friends getting married, etc. Guess I had to start tuning that shit out, hit a bit close to home. But what a shocker, she didn't pick the average Joe...surprise, surprise.

Where was I? Oh the Hebrew Hammer, as expected sucked, but somehow I watched the whole thing...guess not much going on, between the Simpsons, and skilling AFK in There...just riding the waves on my hoverpack. Hopefully my fuckin' internet won't go down again.

Christmas shopping, don't get me started, people asking if I'm even ready...haven't even Bah humbug! I really don't even have the cash to get a lot of things...but we'll see. Besides the one thing I really want for Christmas isn't for sale. But I digress.

What was I digressing from again? The utter commercialization of Christmas? The stupidity of reality programming? The arrogance of people who write in journals online and think people will actually read their bullshit?

No comment.

I really miss her.

What have I learned today? RCN sucks, so does Audible's customer support, average joe doesn't have a chance against pretty boys, movies with swears suck on Comedy Central, I hate monday mornings, and that Samurai did carry guns and they were introduced to them by Matthew Perry...umm not the guy from Friends, it was some soldier...unless there are some really good plastic surgeons out there. What the fuck am I talking about?

Ok that's it...I'm out of here. Don't think I'm going to find what I'm looking for tonight anyway.

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