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Random Thoughts

Is it easier to take steps one at a time or like skip a step. If I have to run upstairs I feel like I'm shuffling my feet when I take one step at a time, and it seems slower. But if you like skip a step, it's like you're jumping, it's quicker but more about things that make you go hmm...

So anyway, people come and go around this place. Some retire, some get ill, some just can't deal. Just now a student came down looking for a sub that has been gone for a little while now. He had note that said something about apologizing to the teacher. Quickly I got into character, he asked me where she was and I responded "Didn't you hear, she quit." The kid was like "why?" I replied, "Some kid drove her nuts and she ended up quitting."

You should have seen his face.

It was priceless. Just one of those moments I love my job, rofl.

Carpe Diem

G Nilla

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