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Is anybody out there?

Well I guess since no one checked in, no one's listening. Eh, whatever. Anyway, haven't been on today or lately all that much, might just give it all up. So what's the best way to get your mind off things? Give up? Shopping spree! Spent over a bill at Best Buy, got MVP 2004, Chapelle Show on DVD, couple CD's...maybe this will keep me in this weekend.

Doubt it.

I was looking at buying a DVR at Best Buy, 200 and 12 a month for TiVo...definitely worth it. Can you say The Shield Season Pass? Anyway, I'm out, it's late.

Take care


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(Deleted comment)
Mar. 12th, 2004 09:18 am (UTC)
Re: *raises hand*
Eh not corrupted per se...lol

And ty for reading woot! I'll snap out of it, but like today even, everyone's so blahhh...so I guess I'll spend the weekend playing games and watching TV. Maybe I'll go pick up that DVR after all...connect it to the comp as well, lol. Living room is beginning to look like NASA's control room. Have two monitors and TV hooked up to cpu, in addition to consoles, DVD, etc. Woot who's a big geek? Gil's a big geek, lol.
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