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I've rewritten this a few's just not coming out as elequently as I'd like it to. Well, I did have a few drinks...but I digress. We're on our way to the car, it's parked down the street and I can't help but stop and stare for a few moments. There's a brand new 1.5 million dollar, single family home for sale. It was just built and it looks gorgeous. two stories, porch, three car garage with loft access, 11 rooms, heated floors, fence, the whole deal. (actually surprised that I remember so much about it, must have been there a while) Anyway, it's like 20 out and I'm standing in the middle of the street staring at this abode. This dwelling, habitat, that I'll probably never be able to buy. Never going to afford. I'd love to be able to buy a home like that, that's the dream isn't it. The wife, the kids, the beautiful home. *sighs*

Feels like it's just a world that's not meant for me...even if I did have the money, it'd be an empty shell. So I guess I should shut up then, all honesty what the hell do I need 11 rooms for? Well guess I could have all my friends live with me...then I'd still have ten rooms left, lol.

Well at least MVP 2004 hasn't's kept me busy.

I really have to snap out this funk I'm in...I realize it, and I see it, and I know what's causing it...but can't do much about it. Work's been insane lately too though, damn kids. I feel so bad for some of these parents and my damn empathy...I can literally feel their sadness, disappointment, grief. Their son's getting arrested, their daughter hasn't shown up at home in days, their kids are failing, getting dropped, flunking out. Don't get me wrong, there are also the kids that move on, go to school, graduate, or come back and see us and are totally different. In the service, or working, etc. So it's not all bad, but unfortunately with my job in particular, I usually see the bad parts.

Sorry I think I'm rambling now, lol. Umm hate to end on bad note so...let me think...hmm...I'm not very good at this, positivity or whatever it's called. can't rain all the time?

Eh I'm alright just need some sleep, lol. See you all soon...


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