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Gooooood Morning!

Finally a good morning, so far...

Woke up feeling pretty chipper this morning. Went through the routine, but I just feel refreshed. So fresh and so clean, clean! I mean what else does one need, I'm young, healthy, my baby loves me, and I live in the Land of Opportunity, the US of A. Okay I'll stop before I make you guys puke, lol. (hmm...I just realized my most loyal readers aren't from the US, sorry Canada and the UK rock too!!)

Maybe it's because I'm actually not hungover, lol. Had a great weekend and didn't even have to go out and drink :P. Friday really didn't count, anyhoo. Insane as it may sound, I pretty much watched every Chappelle Show ever made over the weekend. Season 1 on DVD and Season 2 was being rerun on Saturday night. Yesterday I spent playing EQ and slowly getting readdicted...I hadn't played in over a week.

Anyway back to this morning. On the way to work one of my all time favorite songs came on the radio. "Bound for the Floor" by Local H. April's going to be insane, I'm probably going to see them twice or even three times during that first week. They'll be in and around town three times in four days, lol. It should be fun if I can get people to roll with me. (

Then I get to work, and Bigkid has some Skaterade for me. WooT!! So now here I am ready to see what will eventually ruin my day, because you know it's coming. You know, I still haven't tried to post here via phone or email, I can also do polls...hmmm...not that all that many people read this crap. Let alone enough to conduct a poll of any sort...but I guess it's something to do.

Alright, time to catch up on people's journals, and get to work.

Peace out,

Gil the Thrill

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