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Okay so I'm not that upset, but the good times did have to come to and end. Nothing lasts forever right? Maybe? Anyway, I wake up, do the routine...'cept I cut myself shaving and of course I kept f'ing with it making it worse so now I have like a red spot. LOL. Of course, unconsciously or not, I keep covering my face with my hair. Although if I think about it, I probably should do that all the time, might be an improvement.

I get outside and there's snow on the ground! I had no idea that it had snowed overnight, not that there was that much, but it was still enough to make everyone drive like little bitches!! I don't understand what it is about snow and rain, I understand you have be more cautious and ish, but people please clean your windshields, and please drive more than five miles per hour! Thank you.

I get to work and another surprise, there's no parking because the primaries are today and everyone's here voting! Not only is my spot taken, but since there's people floating around the school and campus, we have to be on good behavior. In other words, we have to try to cover up how much of a zoo this place is.

I'm actually kind of concerned about the upcoming Presidential election. The situation in Spain should have the world more concerned. I don't see how people are so calm. Not that I'm all paranoid and worried, half the time I don't give a shit, if you're going to die, there's not much you can do it about it. Whether you believe in God, fate, karma, the cosmos or nothing at all. If you're number's up, it's just up. There's the story about the guy who knew he was going to die on a certain day. He was told he'd die in a car accident so he decided not to leave his house on that day, he ended up dying in his shower...slipping on a bar of soap. Besides if we're scared they've already won, or so I'm told...

So anyway, anyone notice the bombing was on March 11th? You guys notice that the favorite, ahead in the polls, incumbents LOST THE ELECTION over the weekend. What did the new Prime Minister vow to do? Pull the troops out of Iraq. I'm not going to get into whether we should be there or not, that's not my point. My point is this. If you were a terrorist and just saw that the effect of killing 200 innocent people was a complete change of government, and having changes made in your favor, would you be deterred or encouraged?

Guess all we can do is carry on and whatever happens, happens. Que sera, sera.

Everything happens for a reason.

Alright sorry about the downer, I'm actually okay, new CD/DVD day today so maybe I'll go to Best Buy for some uppers.

Carpe Diem,


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