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Top O' the Morning!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Although I am kind of annoyed because I couldn't find my green t-shirt this morning or my green beads/shamrocks. :(
So I'm not representing except for my green khakis and some greenish/blue ish, scotch tape looking flannel. lol. Eh, noboby believes I'm Irish anyway, not that I am all that much Irish, I'm Mexican of course, but come on!! My dad's got friggin' red hair and looks white as can be!

Okay I'm over it.

Umm yeah, it's freakin' snowing out, I'm tired, kinda broke, but I shall make it out to have at least one green beer. Yeah right one. It's funny because people are like I'm going to have some Jamieson's (Irish Whiskey), some Guiness or Harp's, Irish Car Bombs, (Mmmm) and a bunch of other crap because of St. Pat's. But I'm thinking to myself, other than the car bombs...I have that every time I go out, rofl.

Hmm, guess that's about it...I've actually been on a high the last few days. Been spending a lot of time with peeps, and I've gotten some good comments/emails. Hope it keeps going.

Anyway, gotta run...

Much Love,

Gill "Kiss Me I'm part Irish" McNoriega
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