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It's just another Manic Monday...

I wish it was sunday, because *slaps self*

I'm actually kind of hyper, very hyper considering the day I've had. Who knew a damn pool table would be so much trouble!

Let me start at the beginning, was running late this morning, had lots of issues showering and getting dressed, lol. Finally I get out the door and head to school, I was pissed off but it slowly went away. Just a lot of frustrating things going on...

So I'm at work and I have to get someone to cover for me so I can attempt to get a pair of those super rare Local H tix. The once in a lifetime show at Fritz's corner. So I get two cpu's log on and cross my fingers...I kept clicking and I got in! I actually think I was the first person to get any. *kisses T1 line*

Fuck it, I don't even feel like writing was a good day though for the most part. Got the Local tix, the new Cypress Hill Autographed :) woot!, hung out w/ D and Al, SOUTHSIDE! and moved that damn table! Just have to remember the trouble we had, the truck, and that damn tape.

Guess I'll try sleeping now...

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