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Dates to remember

I was writing this for over an hour and accidently deleted it when I went to use rich text instead of more options shit!!! UGH!! Fuck it, I'll do it quick.

4/02 - Give Evil Hell
- One Man will Stand Up for What's Right
4/03 - D's Party! South Side! (not as far as you think)
4/06 - Local H at Fritz's Corner!!!
4/08 - Last day of work! Woot!
4/09 - Good Friday
- The H that is Local at the Metro
- For All I Care releases Nyssa EP at Beat Kitchen
4/10 - Local invades NIU at Otto's
4/11 - Easter Sunday
4/14 - H in Indiana at Heartland in South Bend
4/15 - FAIC in Cabo Wabo 2004 Battle of the Bands at the Hard Rock Cafe
4/16 - The Punishment Begins
- Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
4/18 - Last day of Spring Break :(
4/23 - Man On Fire

I think that's it...lots going on, don't know if I had anything up before that I may have missed now...oh well. Now I'm beat, but I should be back with a real post soon.


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