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I'm never going to get some time to catch up so I guess I'll just quickly jot some shit down...

Thursday 3/25
Work, met Hex, Jose, Trip, and Phil at Mulligan's then capped off night at Garcia's.

Friday 3/26
Saw Jersey Girl with Bigkid then went to Mulligan's with the Katz. Got into argument about Kobe Bryant case while watching Illinois get their asses handed to them by Duke. Interesting night with Illini peeps behind us almost goading the regulars into a full fledged brawl. I was also thinking back about how I always get into stuff with Nullers...Kobe, politics, religion, About Schmidt, etc. No wonder I used to be her fav, lol.

Saturday 3/27
The confirmation. Going to church for first time in ages. Bishop Kane, Lou Malnati's. Holding the baby. Just a lot of random strange occurances and experiences as of I was telling Rosa yesterday, it feels like maybe I'm dead and instead of seeing my life pass me by, I'm kind of living it. Or a condensed version of it in some way. Don't get me started about religion, and bible-bangers and ish. Sometimes I believe, sometimes I don't...anyway this is a post in and of itself. Didn't do much except hang with fam on Saturday. Oh yeah, watched The Rundown wasn't bad at all, The Rock can act just as well as any action star. Half of wrestling is acting anyway.

Sunday 3/28
Pretty much waited for store to open so I could buy Ninja Gaiden. Played that all day then watched LOL sunday on FOX.

Monday 3/29
Didn't really do much, talked on the some news from Sarah...think that was it.

Tuesday 3/30
Planets are like lined up I guess...yet another topic...because although some people don't believe it, ask any teacher about full moons and the effect on kids. So planets have to be affecting us...won't get into it now. Couple things I heard today though. One of my co-workers is going to France for Spring Break and he was saying how we have to start doing things you haven't done before it's too late. Made me think for a while, still pondering it. Then my dad and I were talking about confirmation on saturday.

Dad: How many bishops do we have in Chicago? 100?
Me: (laughing) We don't even have 100 priests.
Dad: What are you talking about, sure we do.
Me: Well, how should I know.
*both getting more aggresive, latin tempers, lol
Dad: Didn't you learn that in School (I went to catholic school K-8)
Me: Yeah but I don't know, (haven't been to church in years remember) 4 or 5?

Guess you had to be there but it was pretty amusing at the time. 24 and The Shield didn't disappoint, and I was also complimented about not looking my age which is always a plus. Oh yeah passed out some flyers for saturday's shindig and we had a cake at work today from Mr. P.

That's about it for now, I'll try to have more coherent posts in the future.

'nite everyone


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