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"It's really something to be twenty-nothing..."

Well everything is happening as it should...

Family came over as expected and it was a pretty good time, dad gave me a really great card. Almost got me a little bit choked up to be honest. Swanie and Lynn left me messages early in the morning, a couple of people at work mentioned it. The cake was yesterday so it was to be expected. Anyway, I got Best Buy gift cards, sweet, and a couple of Palahniuk books I didn't have. Diary, A Novel and Invisible Monsters, I have Diary on Audio but haven't finished it. Also got some shirts, all in all not too shabby. Just kind of strange having all these people over, but not one person my age. Always feel so out of place, kind of sucks...either everyone is much older or kids. I should be used to it by now. I should read back to previous years and FAWK! I just realized I didn't get any papers this year again...dumbass. Oh well, there go my horoscopes, lol.

It's always nice to know exactly where you stand, and what you mean to people.

So yeah, I've been saying how I need to make some changes and I figure after 28 years of the same bullshit, now's a good time as ever,'s not going to make much sense to start tomorrow when I still have one more day of debauchery to go. Saturday should be fun, it better be...hell it needs to be. Might stop drinking for a while after this weekend. Then it should start, going to be like good ol' days, the 90's lol. Going to Local shows, hanging out, having fun...the 00's haven't been that great to me in all honesty. Have to start writing more too, I'm going to try to set a goal of ten hours a week. Not too unreasonable is it? Two hours a work day, weekends off. If I slack during week, I have to make it up over the weekend. Lots of things I need to do really, start working out more too. Should be easier as I plan to spend less time on this contraption anyway.

Que sera, sera I guess.

So let me recap, write more, workout more, fuck around less, umm...I don't know. I'm not very coherent tonight, didn't drink but ate so much I feel drunk. Ninja Gaiden rocks by the way. I have to find a jersey for saturday, and figure out the small details, getting down there, who's going, etc. (PS-anyone who needs addy or ride drop me a line.)

"It's up to you to make your own decisions in life."-Fry

Also going to start doing more stuff on my own, always waiting on people or compromising, giving in, feels like I'm making a bunch of New Year's resolutions. Where did the time go? Ok I can see that I'm tired and that my post isn't going to get any more informative or entertaining. I'll try to get all my thoughts together tomorrow. I don't know whether this was a good post or just a bunch of rambling non-sensical bullshit.


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